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International Six Days Enduro libro

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After his first successful book, ISDT 1970, Javier Benito has come across a new challenge, this new commemorative book about the 1985 ISDE’s. After two laborious years, searching for information about the race, and many hours in front of a computer, he has finally reached his new work, dedicated to the endure world. Although the length is the same as the ISDT 1970’s, the style is completely different.

1985 is an own edited book, one that Javier has written and designed, characteristics that distinguished as well the stand out 1970, and proving that it´s about a high quality piece, in which he has invested all his determination to obtain superb photographic material (almost non of them published so far) and to gather some driver´s, intern organization crew and other members that were able to be at the race, points of view.